16 Facts About Shuji Kondo


Shuji Kondo worked as the vice president, booker and trainer for Wrestle-1 until its closure in 2020.


Shuji Kondo would turn heel and join the Italian Connection, changing his name to Condotti Shuji, after the shopping district.


Mochizuki would later be kicked out of the stable after he and Shuji Kondo feuded over who was leader, and Takuya Sugawara was added to the group.


Shuji Kondo was built up as the heel ace of the Dragondoor promotion.


All five members of Aagan Iisou were on the roster, but Shuji Kondo only aligned himself with YASSHI and Sugawara.


Shuji Kondo soon joined AJPW, where he and long-time associate "brother" Yasshi would ally themselves with Taru's Voodoo Murders stable and even hold the All-Asia Tag Team Titles for a short time.


Shuji Kondo became the World Junior Heavyweight Champion having won the title from junior ace Taka Michinoku.


On March 4,2013, Shuji Kondo joined Suwama and Joe Doering as a member of the stable, Last Revolution.


In June 2013, Shuji Kondo announced his resignation from All Japan in the aftermath of Nobuo Shiraishi taking over as the president and Keiji Mutoh leaving the promotion.


On January 25,2018, Shuji Kondo returned to AJPW as a Wrestle-1 representative for an eight-man tag team match.


Shuji Kondo is one of the main players in dragondoor's successor, El Dorado.


Unlike in dragondoor, Shuji Kondo was set up to be the face ace of the promotion.


Shuji Kondo started a faction called Sukiyaki, named after his famous love of meat dishes.


On July 10,2013, Shuji Kondo was announced as part of Keiji Mutoh's new Wrestle-1 promotion.


On October 9,2015, Shuji Kondo broke off his partnership with Hayashi and formed a new stable with Masayuki Kono and rookies Hiroki Murase and Shotaro Ashino.


On March 27,2017, it was announced that Shuji Kondo would become Wrestle-1's new executive vice president on April 1, serving under new president Kaz Hayashi.