21 Facts About Kefka Palazzo


Kefka Palazzo is a fictional character in the Final Fantasy series of video games.

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Kefka Palazzo is present in the spin-off fighting game series Dissidia Final Fantasy, wherein he is voiced by Shigeru Chiba .

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Kefka Palazzo has been compared to the Joker from the Batman franchise.

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Kefka Palazzo's appearance was designed by Yoshitaka Amano, who was given complete creative freedom in Final Fantasy VI, with only brief character outlines as guidelines.

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Kefka Palazzo's approach was to create "real" and "alive" characters, though with consideration for the representation as small computer sprites.

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Kefka Palazzo is well known for his clown-like apparel, which has been compared to the Joker from Batman.

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Kefka Palazzo has been described as "powerful" and "manipulative", though he is retiring on occasion when confronted by opposition and even called a coward for delegating his authority.

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Kefka Palazzo is very sadistic, taking amusement at the very idea of people dying and screaming.

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Kefka Palazzo's laughter has been called the greatest video game laughter of all time.

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Kefka Palazzo first appears as a general under the game's primary antagonist Emperor Gestahl, serving as his court mage.

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Kefka Palazzo later goes to the village of Thamasa to kill the espers congregated there, killing Leo when he tries to intervene.

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Kefka Palazzo is the villain representing Final Fantasy VI in Dissidia Final Fantasy, where the gods Cosmos and Chaos are fighting a cosmic war for control, with Kefka Palazzo on the side of Chaos.

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Kefka Palazzo received a considerable amount of work and changes according to producer Tetsuya Nomura and planning director Mitsunori Takahashi.

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Kefka Palazzo makes cameo appearances in Itadaki Street Portable, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, and Final Fantasy: All the Bravest as an antagonist.

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Kefka Palazzo appears as a huntable villain in a GREE social network card game called "Final Fantasy Artniks", where players must share information to find and defeat Kefka to earn rewards.

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In Final Fantasy XIV, Kefka Palazzo appears as one of Omega's creations in the final phase of Sigmascape — the second part of the Omega raid series featured as part of the Stormblood expansion.

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Kefka Palazzo didn't have a tragic past that turned him into a sadistic clown that you felt sorry for him over.

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In 2006, Kefka Palazzo was made into a toy in the Final Fantasy Master Creatures line.

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Kefka Palazzo was ranked 3rd place in the "Our Favorite Villains, " section of their "250 Reasons to Love Nintendo, " article.

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Kefka Palazzo was ranked 18th in IGN's "Top 100 Videogame Villains" list.

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GameSpy declared that Kefka Palazzo is quite possibly the greatest video game villain of all time.

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