16 Facts About Kendal


Kendal takes its name from the River Kent and the Old Norse word dalr.

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Kendal is listed in the Domesday Book as part of Yorkshire with the name Cherchebi.

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Kendal Green was worn by slaves in the Americas and appears in songs and literature from that time.

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Kendal Castle has a long history as a stronghold, built on the site of several successive castles.

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In 1753 the Keighley and Kendal Turnpike brought a stage coach service from Yorkshire as far as Kendal.

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Kendal is known for Kendal mint cake, a glucose-based confectionery reputedly discovered accidentally by Joseph Wiper during a search for a clear glacier mint.

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Kendal brought with him 50 tons of second-hand equipment, all carried on horseback.

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Municipal borough of Kendal was created in 1835; until 1894 it was an urban sanitary district.

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From 1888 to 1974, Kendal was the centre of the administrative county of Westmorland, although Appleby was the traditional county town.

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Kendal is part of the Westmorland and Lonsdale parliamentary constituency, of which Tim Farron is the current MP, representing the Liberal Democrats.

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Kendal stands on the River Kent, surrounded by low hills and near the Lake District National Park formed in 1951, but not in it.

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Kendal has a marine west-coast climate, category Cfb on the Koppen Climate Classification.

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Kendal is signposted off the M6 at Junctions 36,37,38 and 39.

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Kendal College provides further and higher education courses and the training for employers.

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Kendal RUFC plays in the 6th tier of the English rugby union system, with home games at Mint Bridge Stadium, which has a capacity of 3,500.

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Kendal has long maintained a locally active, voluntary mountain search and rescue team based at Busher Walk.

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