11 Facts About Kendal

1. Kendal takes its name from the River Kent and the Old Norse word dalr ("valley").

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2. Kendal is listed in the Domesday Book as part of Yorkshire with the name Cherchebi.

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3. Early travellers to Kendal complained of eight miles of "nothing but a confused mixture of Rockes and Boggs.

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4. Kendal is known for Kendal mint cake, a glucose-based confectionery reputedly discovered accidentally by Joseph Wiper during a search for a clear glacier mint.

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5. Kendal brought with him 50 tons of second-hand equipment, all carried on horseback.

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6. Municipal borough of Kendal was created in 1835; until 1894 it was an urban sanitary district.

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7. From 1888 to 1974, Kendal was the centre of the administrative county of Westmorland, although Appleby was the traditional county town.

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8. Kendal is part of the Westmorland and Lonsdale parliamentary constituency, of which Tim Farron is the current MP, representing the Liberal Democrats.

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9. On 26 February 2003 Kendal was granted Fairtrade Town status.

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10. Kendal is about 13 kilometres from the M6 motorway.

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11. Kendal is signposted off the M6 at Junctions 36, 37 (A684 road), 38 (A685 road) and 39 (A6).

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