14 Facts About Kern County


Kern County is a county located in the US state of California.

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Kern County's economy is heavily linked to agriculture and to petroleum extraction.

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The Kern County River was originally named Rio Bravo de San Felipe by Father Francisco Garces when he explored the area in 1776.

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Kern County is a California Constitution defined general law county and is governed by an elected Board of Supervisors.

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Kern County Sheriff provides court protection, jail administration, and coroner services for the entire county of approximately 900,000 in population.

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Kern County Fire Department is an agency that provides fire protection and emergency medical services for the county of Kern, California, USA.

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Kern County holds the distinction of having the most deaths per capita in the US by police shooting per an article published in The Guardian on December 1,2015.

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Kern County has a large agricultural base and is a significant producer of oil, natural gas, hydro-electric power, Biomass, solar power, and wind power.

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Kern County is noted for minerals, including gold, borate, and kernite.

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Kern County is home to the Tehachapi Energy Storage Project, which was commissioned in 2014.

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Kern County is the home of the first inland spaceport in the United States, the Mojave Spaceport.

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The 1899 discovery along the Kern County River was a breakthrough in oil production.

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Kern County today contributes more than three-quarters of all the oil produced onshore in California.

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Kern County is served by stations based in Bakersfield, including:.

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