12 Facts About Kishtwar district


Kishtwar district is a district of the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

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The Chenab river flows through the Kishtwar district, forming the Chenab valley in the southern areas of the Kishtwar district.

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Kishtwar district is first referred to in the Rajatarangini by the ancient name Kashthavata during the reign of Raja Kalsa of Kashmir, when "Uttamaraja", the ruler of Kashthavata visited the court of the Kashmir King in company with several other hill chiefs to pay their respects to the Raja.

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Kishtwar district was part of the Jammu state during the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Dev.

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Kishtwar district became part of the Jammu Dogra state of Raja Gulab Singh, when he annexed it in 1821.

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Block Kishtwar is the 1st block of Kishtwar District and Beron Town 1st Kishtwar is the 1st panchayat of Block Kishtwar, Beron town panchayat consists of Panditgam, Zewar, Nagdera, Bucherwal Mohalla, Semmna and Wazgwari.

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The Kishtwar district has a population density of 29 inhabitants per square kilometre.

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Demography of district kishtwar is complex as compared to its neighbouring districts primarily because of the wide diversity in its population.

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Kishtwar district has the distinction of producing world-class blue Diamond Sapphire and its Kashmir sapphire was mined at Padder valley.

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Chenab River flows through the Kishtwar district and is joined by tributaries such as the Marvisudar river of Marwah, Fambar Nallah, Chingam Nallah which meet at the confluence near Bhandarkoot.

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Kishtwar district is endowed with dense forests of deodar, pine and fir.

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Kishtwar district is well-connected to the winter capital Jammu and summer capital Srinagar by the NH 244 alongside other intra-district roads.

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