10 Facts About Srinagar


In 1989, Srinagar became the focus of the Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Srinagar is one of several places that have been called the "Venice of the East".

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Srinagar has some Mughal gardens, forming a part of those laid by the Mughal emperors across the Indian subcontinent.

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The feasibility report for the Srinagar Metro is planned to be carried out by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation.

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Several temples and temple ghats are located on the banks of river Jhelum in Srinagar, including Shurayar temple, Gadhadhar temple, Pratapishwar temple, Ganpatyar Ganesh temple, Purshyar temple, Sheshyar temple, Raghunath Mandir, Durga Patshala and Dhar temple.

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Srinagar'sikh Bagh Cemetery is a Christian cemetery located in Srinagar that dates from the British colonial era.

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Srinagar is broadcasting hub for radio channels in UT which are Radio Mirchi 98.

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Srinagar has an outdoor stadium namely Bakshi Stadium for hosting football matches.

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The city has a golf course named Royal Springs Golf Course, Srinagar located on the banks of Dal lake, which is considered one of the best golf courses of India.

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Srinagar is the home of professional football club Real Kashmir FC, which competes in I-League.

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