10 Facts About Knight Foundation


John S and James L Knight Foundation, known as the Knight Foundation, is an American non-profit foundation that provides grants for journalism, communities, and the arts.

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In December 1950, the Knight Foundation was created with a beginning balance of $9,047 transferred from that education fund.

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Knight Foundation incorporated in the state of Ohio with the goal of carrying out the work of the education fund.

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Two years later, in 1974, Knight Foundation Newspapers merged with Ridder Publications to create Knight Foundation-Ridder Inc, at the time the largest newspaper company in the country.

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On 5 February 1991, James Knight died, leaving a bulk of his estate, $200 million, to the foundation.

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In 2005, to address the Internet's increasingly disruptive impact on the traditional media industry, Knight Foundation began a number of systemic changes in its approach to making grants.

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Knight Foundation began experimenting with non-traditional approaches to connecting with new grantees, such as contests that limited grantees to 150 words to describe ideas and were open to anybody.

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Knight Foundation's website describes grant-making programs in journalism, communities, and the arts.

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Knight Foundation presidents have been: John S Knight, James L Knight, Lee Hills, Creed C Black, Hodding Carter III and Alberto Ibarguen.

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In 2011 the Knight Foundation added a fourth contest, the Black Male Engagement Challenge.

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