10 Facts About Kunlun Mountains


Older sources used Kunlun to mean the mountain belt that runs across the center of China, that is, Altyn Tagh along with the Qilian and Qin Mountains.

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Recent sources have the Kunlun Mountains range forming most of the south side of the Tarim Basin and then continuing east, south of the Altyn Tagh.

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Some authorities claim that the Kunlun Mountains extends further northwest-wards as far as Kongur Tagh and the famous Muztagh Ata .

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Kunlun Mountains is originally the name of a mythical mountain believed to be a Taoist paradise.

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Kunlun Mountains is a semi-mythical region not far from the source of the Yellow River.

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The Kunlun Mountains entered Chinese ideology during the Warring States Period, and have become closely integrated into Chinese culture.

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In mythology, Kunlun Mountains Mountain is the birthplace and ancestral place of the Chinese nation.

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Kunlun Mountains's was the object of a traditional religious cult which reached its peak in the Han Dynasty.

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Kunlun Mountains are the site of the fictional city of K'un Lun in the Marvel Comics Iron Fist series and the TV show of the same name.

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In Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, the Kunlun Mountains is the location of one of the episodes, and are home to the Panda King of the Fiendish Five.

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