27 Facts About Landry Jones

1. Landry Jones would lead all freshman in touchdown passes that season with 26, and would finish with a school-record 123 TDs.

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2. Landry Jones made his debut this season against the Arizona Cardinals, leading the team from behind and securing his role as the backup ahead of Michael Vick.

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3. Landry Jones married former Oklahoma Sooner women's basketball guard Whitney Hand-Jones on July 6, 2012.

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4. Landry Jones relieved an injured Roethlisberger in the Steelers' wild-card playoff victory against the Cincinnati Bengals, completing 2-of-5 passes for 11 yards and an interception.

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5. Landry Jones signed a four-year, $2.59 million contract with a $439,220 signing bonus on June 12, 2013.

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6. Landry Jones finished his collegiate career with 16,646 passing yards and 123 touchdowns.

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7. Landry Jones attended Artesia High School in his hometown, where he led the high school football team to two consecutive Class 4A state championships, throwing for a combined 7,013 yards and 89 touchdowns.

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8. Landry Jones played college football at Oklahoma, and was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

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9. Landry Jones had 15 points, Jaiden Pinson 14 points and Landry Simmons with 8 points.

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10. Landry Jones racked up league-best clips of 136 catches his "Minnesota Miracle" touchdown during the 2017 playoffs.

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11. Landry Jones showed up in the head coach's office He parted with stars Ndamukong Suh, Jarvis Landry, Mike Pouncey and Jay Ajayi in an attempt to improve the locker room culture, and last month.

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12. Landry Jones threw four first-half interceptions, including one that was returned for a touchdown.

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13. Landry Jones is a Christian and was featured in an "I Am Second" video proclaiming his faith in Jesus Christ.

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14. On March 9, 2017, Landry Jones signed a two-year contract extension with the Steelers.

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15. On October 23, 2016, Landry Jones received his first start of the season against the New England Patriots after Roethlisberger suffered a torn meniscus the week prior.

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16. Prior to the 2015 NFL season, Landry Jones was primarily the third-string quarterback behind longtime starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and back-up Bruce Gradkowski.

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17. On January 5, 2012, Landry Jones announced he was returning to Oklahoma for his senior season.

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18. Landry Jones ended up leading the Sooners to a victory in the Insight Bowl against the Iowa Hawkeyes to bring the Sooners another double digit winning season.

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19. In 2011, Landry Jones led the Sooners on dominant performances against opening foes such as Tulsa and Florida State.

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20. In 2010, Landry Jones continued his starting job as Oklahoma's quarterback and guided the team through its first four out-of-conference victories.

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21. Landry Jones would become the starter for the rest of the season as Sam Bradford announced he would have season ending surgery on his shoulder and would then be leaving early for the NFL draft.

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22. Landry Jones threw for one touchdown, but had a fumble deep in Sooner territory that resulted in a Miami score on the next play.

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23. Landry Jones started the next game against the Miami Hurricanes due to Sam Bradford not being fully recovered from his shoulder injury.

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24. Landry Jones was a highly regarded recruit and was among the highest rated quarterbacks for the Class of 2008 by several ratings publishers including a four-star rating by both Scout.

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25. On Tuesday, Landry Jones will join the group of roster hopefuls looking to join San Francisco, according to Matt Barrows of The Athletic.

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26. Landry Jones was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers before Week 1.

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27. Landry Jones was drafted in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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