26 Facts About Laurel Thomas

1. Laurel Thomas gives birth to a boy, Daniel, Middleton said they were "thrilled" to have a child of their own together.

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2. Laurel Thomas was temporarily written out of the serial while Bellamy took her maternity leave.

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3. Laurel Thomas said "Ashley really does love Laurel, although he feels really let down by her at the moment.

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4. Laurel Thomas is often the serial's source for light comic relief.

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5. Laurel Thomas was briefly written out while she took maternity leave.

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6. Laurel Thomas gets twinges at the factory and Rishi takes her to hospital, but she is told it's a false alarm.

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7. Laurel Thomas catches Gabby in a compromising position with Jacob Gallagher and finds an unused condom.

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8. Laurel Thomas takes Ashley to hospital and she becomes emotional when Ashley can't remember they got married.

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9. Laurel Thomas moves in with her ex-husband, Ashley, and his girlfriend Harriet Finch, which Harriet finds uncomfortable.

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10. Laurel Thomas is taken to hospital and told that Laurel has detached his retina in his eye when she punched him.

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11. Laurel Thomas becomes annoyed with the atmosphere between Ashley and Sandy.

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12. Laurel Thomas refuses to go on strike over Nikhil Sharma while all the other factory girls do.

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13. Laurel Thomas sees sense and pulls her back over, which results in Sally being arrested.

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14. Laurel Thomas attacks Sally and dangles her over the flat balcony.

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15. Laurel Thomas leaves Ashley for not believing her and takes the children to live with Hilary.

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16. Laurel Thomas informs Ashley that she suspects Sally was behind the fire, though he refuses to believe her and calls her a councillor.

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17. Laurel Thomas survives and realises Sally could be behind the fire and tries to stop Sally from looking after her children.

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18. Laurel Thomas becomes angry with Sally for attempting to take over her role in her domestic life.

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19. Laurel Thomas tries to get her to go home and Sally causes trouble for Laurel.

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20. Laurel Thomas feels like she is betraying Daniel and refuses to believe it.

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21. Laurel Thomas is distraught and lashes out at those closest to her.

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22. Laurel Thomas helps Ashley reconnect with his estranged father Sandy Thomas.

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23. Laurel Thomas makes advances on Laurel but she does not reciprocate and lets him down gently but Ethan tells George that they had kissed.

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24. Laurel Thomas tells Ashley that she will wait to marry him.

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25. Laurel Thomas makes it clear Ashley's love life has put his position in question.

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26. Laurel Thomas arrives at Marlon Dingle and Tricia Stokes's (Sheree Murphy) engagement party, dressed as a bumblebee.

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