12 Facts About LAX


Los Angeles International Airport, commonly referred to as LAX, is the primary international airport serving Los Angeles and its surrounding metropolitan area.

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LAX is located in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles, 18 miles southwest of Downtown Los Angeles, with the commercial and residential areas of Westchester to the north, the city of El Segundo to the south and the city of Inglewood to the east.

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LAX is the closest airport to the Westside and the South Bay.

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LAX serves as a major hub or focus city for more passenger airlines than any other airport in the United States.

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LAX is located with the Pacific Ocean to the west and residential communities on all other sides.

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Typically the loudest operations at an airport are from departing aircraft, so during daytime hours, LAX prefers to operate under the "Westerly Operations" air traffic pattern, named for the prevailing west winds.

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LAX has nine passenger terminals with a total of 146 gates arranged in the shape of the letter U or a horseshoe that are identified by numbers except for the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

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LAX operates several shuttle routes to connect passengers and employees around the airport area:.

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Currently, LAX does not have any direct service from the Los Angeles Metro Rail system, however there is a bus connection to a nearby station.

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LAX Automated People Mover is an electric train system currently under construction by LAWA.

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LAX's terminals are immediately west of the interchange between Century Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard .

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Flight Path Museum LAX, formerly known as the Flight Path Learning Center, is a museum located at 6661 Imperial Highway and was formerly known as the "West Imperial Terminal".

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