13 Facts About LBC


LBC is a British phone-in and talk radio station owned and operated by Global and based in its headquarters in London.

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Launch of LBC saw the beginning of Independent Radio News broadcasting, as LBC provided the service to independent local radio stations nationwide.

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LBC has a like-branded sister station – LBC News – which is dedicated to rolling news, travel and weather.

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LBC was influenced by American broadcasting from his time as the BBC's New York organiser, and introduced a three-minute "snapshot" bulletin.

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The prospective loss of the franchise brought Chelverton to the brink of collapse, and London News Radio bought LBC to keep it on air until the official handover date of October 1994.

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LBC introduced a podcasting service called LBC Plus, and a number of premium-rate promotional opportunities to replace falling advertising revenues experienced by the radio sector.

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Each multiplex region – the North West, West Midlands, Yorkshire, North East, South Wales, and the West – broadcast the London LBC transmission, augmented with occasional bulletins of regional news and travel information.

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On 30 January 2014, LBC announced its intention to return to the DAB platform and began broadcasting nationally at 7am on 11 February 2014 under a new slogan, "Leading Britain's Conversation".

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LBC claimed to be the first radio station in the world to provide full-length podcasts for all its major shows, plus podcast-only shows and other things such as backstage interviews and mp3s sent to the show, under the name LBC Plus.

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LBC's appearance was part of the 'Big Conversation' initiative to promote government as being more accessible and in touch with the people.

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LBC has held call-in shows for politicians Nick Clegg, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson.

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LBC launched a call in consumer law show, called 'The Consumer Hour' in 2013.

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In September 2020 LBC relaunched The Consumer Hour, hosted solely by Dean Dunham on Friday evenings at 9pm.

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