13 Facts About Leadville


City of Leadville is a statutory city that is the county seat, the most populous community, and the only incorporated municipality in Lake County, Colorado, United States.

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Leadville is a former silver mining town that lies among the headwaters of the Arkansas River within the Rocky Mountains.

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Leadville area was first settled in 1859 when placer gold was discovered in California Gulch during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush.

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Leadville's wife made money as postmistress, banker, cook, and landress while Tabor was a prospector.

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Leadville was founded in 1877 by mine owners Horace Tabor and August Meyer at the start of the Colorado Silver Boom.

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Leadville died destitute but remained convinced that the price of silver would rebound.

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Mining in the Leadville area began in 1859 when prospectors discovered gold at the mouth of California Gulch.

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Leadville was shot and killed in 1888 by an unknown assailant, most likely an enemy he had made when he was a Leadville marshal.

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Leadville's name is all but forgotten today, but the name "Matt Dillon" is recognized around the world.

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Leadville's continued to dress in the latest fashions but took to smoking cigars.

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Leadville has the highest elevation of any city in the United States.

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Mount Elbert, 12 miles southwest of Leadville, is the highest summit of the Rocky Mountains of North America and the highest point in the Colorado and the entire Mississippi River drainage basin.

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Leadville has an alpine subarctic climate with cold winters and mild summers, bordering on a cold semi-arid climate .

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