14 Facts About Leonberg


Leonberg is most famous for its picturesque market square, the centuries-old annual horse market, its past role as the seat of one of Wurttemberg's first parliaments, and the Pomeranzen Garden – Germany's only remaining terraced garden which dates back to the late Renaissance.

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Leonberg is surrounded by these communities :Ditzingen and Gerlingen, Stuttgart, and then the Boblingen rural districts of Magstadt, Renningen, and Rutesheim.

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Leonberg merged with the neighbouring town of Eltingen in 1938, which now flows seamlessly into the former old town.

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Central Leonberg encompasses Silberberg, Ramtel, Gartenstadt, and the residential neighbourhoods of Eichenhof, Glemseck, Hinter Ehrenberg, Mahdental, and Rappenhof.

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The population of Leonberg was halved during the Thirty Years' War as a result of the bubonic plague.

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One of the most famous Wurttemberg witch trials in Leonberg took place in 1615 and involved Katharina Kepler, mother of the royal astronomer Johannes Kepler.

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In 2004, Leonberg became one of the first communities in Germany to switch its office systems to Linux and start using freeware.

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Leonberg once fell into the bishopric of Speyer and was part of an area governed by archdeacon St Trinitatis.

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Apart from the two main German religions, "free churches" such as the United Methodist Church, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the Immanuel Community of Leonberg are present, as is a New Apostolic Church.

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Leonberg falls within the wine-growing area of Wurttemberg called Remstal-Stuttgart.

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Leonberg is served by the local transport network of Stuttgart and nearby towns, including line S6 of the Stuttgart S-Bahn running from Weil der Stadt via Leonberg to Stuttgart city centre.

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Leonberg has been a Low Emission Zone since March 2008, following the suit of other German cities.

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Leonberg is home to an Evangelical College for Care Workers.

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The Traumpalast cinema hall in Leonberg has the world's largest IMAX screen measuring 38×22m.

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