14 Facts About Lloyd Braun


Lloyd Braun was born on 1958 and is an American media executive.


Lloyd Braun is the founder and CEO of Whalerock Industries, a Los Angeles based media and technology company.


Lloyd Braun's clients included Larry David, Howard Stern and David Chase.


David Chase credited Lloyd Braun with encouraging him to create the TV series that eventually became The Sopranos.


Lloyd Braun went on to serve as the Chairman of the ABC Entertainment Group from 2002 to 2004.


Lloyd Braun was forced out of his position at ABC shortly after greenlighting the $13 million pilot to the television show Lost, one of the most expensive in modern broadcasting.


The script of Lost had been heavily criticized by Michael Eisner and Robert Iger, who were CEO and COO of ABC's parent Disney; nonetheless, Lloyd Braun pushed on with filming the pilot episode in Hawaii saying "If we are pregnant enough, they won't shut us down".

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Lloyd Braun's decision was vindicated when the show went on to become a huge success.


BermanLloyd Braun entered into a strategic alliance with NBC to create television programming for which NBC would have a first look.


Since 2007, BermanLloyd Braun has established itself in content production, with properties across three platforms: television, digital and film.


In scripted television, BermanLloyd Braun is currently producing Alphas on the Syfy network.


BermanLloyd Braun is launching two unscripted shows: Polyamory for Showtime and Junk Gypsies for HGTV later in 2012.


In March 2012, BermanLloyd Braun purchased Whiskey Media, acquiring the websites Tested, Screened, and Anime Vice.


In February 2014, Lloyd Braun became the sole owner of BermanLloyd Braun, renaming the company Whalerock Industries.