12 Facts About Ludhiana


Ludhiana is the most populous and the largest city in the Indian state of Punjab.

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Ludhiana was founded in 1480 by members of the ruling Lodhi dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate.

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Ludhiana has one of the worst air pollution problems in India since 2011, with particulate matter being over six times the World Health Organization recommended standard, making it the 13th most polluted city in the world.

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Apparel industry of Ludhiana, popularly known as Ludhiana hosiery industry provides employment to numerous people and produces India's largest share of winter clothing.

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Ludhiana is famous for its industry of shawls and stoles and satisfies the demand of major domestic and international brands.

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Ludhiana is know sourcing production to major Corporate Brands all over India.

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Ludhiana has a growing IT sector with multiple software services and product companies having development centers in the city.

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Ludhiana is well connected by road and rail as Ludhiana railway station is on the main Delhi-Amritsar route, and is an important railway junction with lines going to Jalandhar, Ferozepur, Dhuri, and Delhi.

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Ludhiana is connected with other cities of Punjab and with other states by bus service.

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Ludhiana is served by the city based Sahnewal Airport, known as Ludhiana Airport.

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Ludhiana is home to the largest agricultural university in Asia and one of the largest in the world, Punjab Agricultural University.

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Ludhiana College of Engineering and Technology is an institute for Engineering and Management studies.

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