22 Facts About Major Bludd


Major Bludd is a mercenary working for the Cobra Organization.

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Major Bludd worked as a military advisor in a number of hostile countries where he committed acts of terrorism against peaceful governments throughout Europe.

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Major Bludd is wanted on three continents for numerous war crimes, and even a few crimes against humanity.

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Major Bludd has a tactical mind like a steel trap, and is proficient with all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms.

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Major Bludd has a weapons qualification of sharpshooter and is adept with plastic explosives, long-range sniper rifles, garrotes, blunt instruments, poisoned ice picks, Saturday night specials, and anything with spikes.

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Version of Major Bludd was released as part of the Super Sonic Fighters line in 1991.

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Major Bludd remains in Cobra employment despite Destro's knowledge of his attempted murder.

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Major Bludd has no contact with Cobra for the next few years, except a brief period where he poses as Destro to infiltrate Destro's Scottish castle.

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Major Bludd is stopped by Storm Shadow, and during the battle his cybernetic hand is blown off.

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Major Bludd enlists his help, promising him power and a chance to kill Joes.

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Major Bludd is approached by Zartan, who pays him to take his place, so the Dreadnok leader can payback Cobra Commander for having Monkeywrench killed.

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Major Bludd takes the money, but appears during the final battle in the Appalachian Mountains.

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Major Bludd tries to kill Sparks, but is ironically knocked out by Recondo, who had faked his death to battle Cobra more efficiently.

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Major Bludd is mainly loyal to Cobra Commander, who once made a reference to Major Bludd being in charge of recruitment for Cobra.

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Major Bludd then appears in the Cobra Terror Drome with the other members of the High Command, but is absent for the rest of the movie.

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Major Bludd serves as Cobra's primary field Commander, working alongside Cobra Commander and the Baroness.

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Major Bludd now wears a blue Cobra uniform, unlike his previously brown officer's outfit to match his toy counterpart.

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Joe: Resolute, Major Bludd's body is discovered at the Lincoln Memorial and is identified by Scarlett.

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Major Bludd first appeared in the episode "The Package", in which he was hired by Cobra to eliminate anti-Cobra blogger Alvin Kibbey.

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Major Bludd is hit by the blast, scarring his face and blinding him in his left eye.

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Major Bludd ends up following them in a car chase which results in him blowing up a bridge.

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When Major Bludd tries to fire on the Joes, he is attacked by an alligator and loses his right arm in the process.

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