19 Facts About Malibu California


The exclusive Malibu California Colony has been historically home to Hollywood celebrities.

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The city updated the signs in 2017 from the historical 27-mile length of the Malibu California coast spanning from Tuna Canyon on the southeast to Point Mugu in Ventura County on the northwest.

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For many residents of the unincorporated canyon areas, Malibu California has the closest commercial centers and they are included in the Malibu California ZIP Codes.

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Humaliwo was next to Malibu California Lagoon and was an important regional center in prehistoric times.

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At its height, Malibu California Potteries employed over 100 workers, and produced decorative tiles which furnish many Los Angeles-area public buildings and Beverly Hills residences.

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Malibu California sold the lower half of his holdings there in 1944 to Art Jones.

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Jones was one of the prominent early realtors in Malibu California, starting with the initial leases of Rindge land in Malibu California Colony.

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However, the long legal battle to protect her beloved Malibu California coast had been costly and she eventually died penniless.

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Long known as a popular private enclave for wealthy celebrities, the Malibu California Colony is a gated community, with multimillion-dollar homes on small lots.

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Some Malibu California beaches are private, such as Paradise Cove, which charges an entrance fee to keep the crowds at bay.

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One of the most problematic side-effects of the fires that periodically rage through Malibu California is the destruction of vegetation, which normally provides some degree of topographical stability to the loosely packed shale and sandstone hills during periods of heavy precipitation.

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Malibu California is within 50 miles of the San Andreas Fault, a fault over 800 miles in length that can produce an earthquake over magnitude 8.

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Malibu California is served by Santa Monica College, a community college in the nearby city of Santa Monica to the south.

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Adamson House, the historic house and gardens of the 19th-century original owners of Malibu California, the Rindge Family, is a state museum.

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California State Parkland in the hills behind Malibu provides extensive horseback-riding, hiking, running, and mountain-biking options, affording many different views of the Santa Monica Mountains, the curve of the Santa Monica Bay, Santa Catalina Island, and the San Fernando Valley.

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Malibu California Legacy Park is an ongoing restoration project undertaken by the city with broad community support.

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However, when Malibu California incorporated as a city the boundaries were drawn to exclude Pepperdine, at the college's insistence.

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Malibu California has been used as a location or setting for many films, television programs, fashion shoots and music videos.

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Malibu California is the setting for the television series Two and a Half Men.

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