29 Facts About Mel B

1. Mel B is a singer-songwriter, actress and a television personality.

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2. Mel B is an English singer and a member of the pop group Spice Girls.

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3. Mel B is a singer, writer, actor, composer, dancer, model and songwriter.

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4. Mel B has celebrated the total number of 43 birthdays till date.

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5. In a set of court documents singer Mel B filed in Los Angeles this week, she claimed that her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte impregnated nanny Lorraine Gilles and had her get an abortion.

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6. Mel B is worth $33 million and much of it is attributed to her career as "Scary Spice" of The Spice Girls, the '90s pop girl group.

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7. Mel B began her career as a singer with the band Touch.

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8. Mel B was born on 29 May 1975, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

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9. Mel B is an English singer, songwriter, presenter, television personality, dancer, actress, author, and model.

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10. Mel B was the driving force behind the Spice Girls reunion, according to the star's former nanny.

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11. Mel B 'was the driving force behind Spice Girls reunion'.

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12. Mel B opens up about her December 2014 suicide attempt, and immediate regret about it, in her new memoir.

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13. Mel B says each of her fellow Spice Girls tried to get in touch with her, but she refused to talk to them at the time.

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14. Mel B has an upcoming Spice Girls reunion tour to look forward to, but four years ago, she was in a much darker place.

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15. Mel B admits using cocaine during time as X Factor judge.

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16. In the memoir, Mel B admits to taking 200 aspirins in an attempt to commit suicide in 2014.

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17. Mel B is admitting to taking a large amount of drugs to help her get through filming The X Factor amidst domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of her then-husband, Stephen Belafonte.

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18. Mel B is getting honest about a dark period in her life.

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19. Mel B has a brand new tell-all, and she's getting Brutally Honest.

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20. In the passage, Mel B explains her drug-taking habits while filming the show, writing:.

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21. Mel B revealed this weekend that she was taking up to six lines of cocaine per day while filming X Factor in order to get her through her life and difficult marriage to Stephen Belafonte.

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22. Mel B has relived trying to kill herself over marriage hell in her new memoir, Brutally Honest.

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23. Mel B believes her father's death allowed her to get her "life back".

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24. Mel B opens up about suicide attempt in 2014: 'My life is a mess and I want out'.

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25. Mel B details her 2014 suicide attempt in upcoming memoir.

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26. Mel B set out on a mission to find the perfect voice to read her autobiography, Brutally Honest.

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27. Mel B cries as soap actresses audition to read her autobiography Brutally Honest.

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28. Mel B opened up about she took 200 Asprin pills in 2014 in an attempt to kill herself.

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29. Mel B is getting Brutally Honest in her upcoming memoir.

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