7 Facts About Merv Griffin

1. In 1974, Merv Griffin was inducted to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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2. In 1988 Merv Griffin purchased Resorts International and two of their hotels, in Atlantic City, NJ and Paradise Island in The Bahamas from Donald Trump and other investors.

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3. On May 14, 2003, Merv Griffin was honored with the Broadcast Music, Inc President's Award at its annual Film and Television Awards ceremony, for having created some of America's best-known game show melodies.

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4. In 1990, Merv Griffin had an ambitious but unsuccessful attempt at adapting the venerable board game Monopoly into a game show of the same name.

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5. In March 2001, Merv Griffin returned to singing with the release of the album It's Like a Dream.

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6. The film caused a minor controversy when Merv Griffin shared an open mouthed kiss with Kathryn Grayson.

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7. At one of his nightclub performances, Merv Griffin was discovered by Doris Day.

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