8 Facts About Michael Barrymore

1. In July 2015, Michael Barrymore began the process of suing Essex Police over his arrest after Stuart Lubbock was found dead floating in his swimming pool.

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2. In November 1995, Michael Barrymore attended the National Television Awards, where, clearly drunk, he made a rambling, incoherent speech.

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3. At the height of his popularity, Michael Barrymore suffered increasing alcohol problems.

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4. In January 2008, Michael Barrymore took the role of comedian and writer Spike Milligan in the stage play Surviving Spike.

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5. In December 2005, it was announced that Michael Barrymore was being paid £150,000 by Channel 4 to take part in Celebrity Big Brother commencing 5 January 2006.

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6. In September 2003, Michael Barrymore staged a one-man show at London's Wyndham's Theatre, which closed after a few days.

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7. In October 2001, Michael Barrymore was given a drugs caution and began recording a new series of My Kind of Music.

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8. In 1991, Michael Barrymore was given his own show entitled Barrymore where he interviewed guests, performed his comedy routines and joined in with other performers on the show.

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