14 Facts About Michael Savage

1. In November 2017 Dr Michael Savage released a non-political book based on his lifelong quest for spiritual truth titled, "God, Faith, and Reason.

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2. In March 2017, Michael Savage released what he said would be his last political book, Trump's War: His Battle For America.

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3. In November 2010, it was confirmed that Michael Savage had signed a deal to write two thrillers for publisher St Martin's Press.

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4. In the book, Michael Savage, calls affirmative action "reverse discrimination", and demonstrates his emerging philosophy.

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5. In his private life, Michael Savage is a great supporter of wild animals such as the elephants of Africa.

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6. In a 2003 interview on The O'Reilly Factor, Michael Savage has said that although he believes in God, he attends houses of worship only once or twice a year.

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7. On October 14, 2014, Michael Savage criticized veteran sufferers of posttraumatic stress disorder, accusing them of "weakness".

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8. On that show Michael Savage stated that his remarks had been "ripped out of context" by "far left Stalinists" who want him off of the air.

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9. On March 28, 2006, Michael Savage encouraged his listeners to burn Mexican flags to counter pro-immigration rallies in California.

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10. In March 2006, Michael Savage criticised Roman Catholic assistance to illegal immigrants.

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11. On May 12, 2010, Michael Savage revealed that he had granted the interview at his home.

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12. On January 22, 2010, Michael Savage revealed to his audience that a writer for Playboy had contacted him via email to do a lengthy interview, and again asked his listeners if he should accept the offer.

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13. In 1996, Michael Savage applied to become the Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.

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14. Since 2009, Michael Savage has been barred from entering the United Kingdom for "seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred.

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