14 Facts About Micronesia


Political control of areas within Micronesia varies depending on the island, and is distributed among six sovereign nations.

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The Carolines consist of two republics: the Federated States of Micronesia, consisting of approximately 600 islands on the eastern side of the chain with Kosrae being the most eastern; and Palau consisting of 250 islands on the western side.

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Nauru became an Australian mandate, while Germany's other territories in Micronesia were given as a mandate to Japan and were named the South Seas Mandate.

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Today, most of Micronesia are independent states, except for the U S Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam and Wake Island, which are U S territories.

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The US-administered areas of Micronesia have a unique experience that sets them apart from the rest of the Pacific.

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Micronesia has great economic dependency on its former or current motherlands, something only comparable to the French Pacific.

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Sometimes, the term American Micronesia is used to acknowledge the difference in cultural heritage.

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Japanese rule in Micronesia led to Japanese people settling the islands and marrying native spouses.

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Kessai Note, the former president of the Marshall Islands has partial Japanese ancestry by way of his paternal grandfather, and Emanuel Mori, the former president of the Federated States of Micronesia, is descended from one of the first settlers from Japan, Koben Mori.

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Finally, there are two Malayo-Polynesian languages spoken in Micronesia that do not belong to the Oceanic languages: Chamorro in the Mariana Islands and Palauan in Palau.

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Western Micronesia was unaware of the ceremonial drink, which was called saka on Kosrae and sakau on Pohnpei.

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Educational systems in the nations of Micronesia vary depending on the country and there are several higher-level educational institutions.

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The College of Micronesia-FSM has a campus in each of the four states with its national campus in the capital city of Palikir, Pohnpei.

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However, it explains that "law in Micronesia is an extraordinary flux and flow of contrasting thought and meaning, inside and outside the legal system".

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