25 Facts About Midna


Midna is a fictional character introduced as one of the main protagonists in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, a 2006 video game in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

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Midna is a member of the magic-wielding Twili who joins forces with Link to prevent the kingdom of Hyrule from being enveloped by a corrupted parallel dimension known as the Twilight Realm.

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Midna was designed by Yusuke Nakano and voiced by Akiko Komoto.

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Midna was generally well received by critics and fans alike.

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Concept of Midna came from another game Nintendo was working on before Twilight Princess, which was eventually abandoned.

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Midna's original form is a turquoise-skinned woman with body markings on her limbs, orange hair, and red eyes.

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Midna wears a South Asian-like attire composing of black gagra choli with a trailing black veil.

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However, the power-obsessed Twili Zant usurps the throne from Midna using powers granted to him by Ganon to turn their people into monsters.

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In Hyrule Warriors, Midna is attacked by the sorceress Cia during her battle with Zant's forces and is banished from the Twilight Realm when Cia allies with Zant.

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Midna is playable in her true Twili form as part of the Twilight Princess DLC pack.

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Midna uses her restored power to aid Princess Zelda with help from Linkle, but she is forced to destroy the crystal and returns to her imp form.

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Midna appears in a long-running manga based on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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Midna was first revealed in the E3 2005 trailer of Twilight Princess, which first showed the Twilight Realm and Wolf Link.

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Midna's gender was unknown at the time, causing some confusion among journalists.

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Midna has received mostly positive reception from both the video game press and the public for her role in Twilight Princess.

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Fellow Game Informer editor Billy Berghammer stated that he loved Midna, describing her as a cool character due to how she messed with Link throughout the game.

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Midna described her as being acerbic and thoughtful, as well as an intricate character who moves the plot forward for her own means.

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Midna has been praised for her overall role in the series and as a Nintendo character.

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Midna ranked at fifth place on the top ten best female video game characters by members of Official Nintendo Magazines forum.

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Midna has been compared to several characters in fiction, most often to fellow The Legend of Zelda series character Navi.

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Midna added that unlike Navi, she had an actual personality and an ambiguous sense of morality.

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Midna compared Midna to another wolf-riding assistant named Issun from the action game Okami, adding that they both seem to be based on Navi.

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Midna went further to suggest that these kinds of characters could be based on Tinker Bell from Peter Pan.

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Brawl, Midna's inclusion as a playable character was a popular suggestion amongst fans.

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Midna was featured in two of IGN's Smash It Up editorials; first as the Reader's Choice and later amongst other dual characters.

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