26 Facts About Tinker Bell


Tinker Bell's has appeared in a variety of film and television adaptations of the Peter Pan stories, in particular the 1953 animated Walt Disney picture Peter Pan.

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Tinker Bell's appears in the official 2006 sequel Peter Pan in Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean commissioned by Great Ormond Street Hospital as well as the "Peter and the Starcatchers" book series by Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry.

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Tinker Bell's doesn't speak but as in the original play, Peter verbally interprets her communications for the sake of the audience, and bell noises are used when she makes gestures.

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Tinker Bell has become one of Disney's most important branding icons for over half a century along with Jiminy Cricket, and Mickey Mouse, and is generally known as "a symbol of 'the magic of Disney'".

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Tinker Bell's has been featured in television commercials and show opening credits sprinkling pixie dust with a wand in order to shower a magical feeling over various other Disney personalities, though the 1953 animated version of Tinker Bell never actually used a wand.

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Tinker Bell illustrated Tinker Bell as an attractive, blonde blue-eyed young white female, with an exaggerated hourglass figure.

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Tinker Bell's is dressed in a bright green strapless dress and wears green slippers with white puffs.

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Since 1954, Tinker Bell has featured as a hostess for much of Disney's live-action television programming and in every Disney film advertisements flying over Disneyland with her magic wand and her fairy dust, beginning with Disneyland, to Walt Disney Presents, Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, and The Wonderful World of Disney.

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Tinker Bell's starred alongside other Disney characters, such as Chip 'n Dale, in many Disney comics, where she was able to speak.

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Tinker Bell appears as a healing summon in the Kingdom Hearts series of video games and the card appearance in the video game Mickey's Memory Challenge on 1993.

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Tinker Bell is a meetable character at all of the Disney Parks and Resorts, and is based in Fantasyland.

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Tinker Bell's is featured in Peter Pan's Flight, a suspended dark ride based on the artwork from the animated film.

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Tinker Bell's was played by 70-year-old former circus performer Tiny Kline until her retirement three years later for health reasons.

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Tinker Bell was the central character of the new Disney Fairies franchise, launched in 2005.

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Tinker Bell, who speaks in the Fairies universe, unlike her original appearances, is voiced by Mae Whitman in these digitally animated DVD features.

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In November 2009, Tinker Bell became the smallest waxwork ever to be made at Madame Tussauds, measuring only five and a half inches.

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Tinker Bell's star celebrated Hollywood Walk of Fame's 50th anniversary.

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Since 2012's Secret of the Wings, Tinker Bell is the first Disney fairy to have a sibling, a fraternal twin sister named Periwinkle, a frost fairy of the Winter Woods.

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Tinker Bell's wears a ragged leather tunic with matching shorts and carries a dagger strapped to her leg.

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When Wendy and the rest of the group reach Neverland and ask Peter where she is, he replies that he does not know anyone by the name Tinker Bell, which is explained as him not remembering her after she died.

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Tinker Bell's is mentioned by Wendy and the rest of the Lost Boys to Fireflyer, a silly blue fairy, who when he reaches the top of Neverpeak, makes the wish to meet her.

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Tinker Bell's is very protective of Peter, and hates his paying attention to any other female.

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Tinker Bell's is able to emit a very bright light, which she uses as an attack against other creatures, especially Lord Ombra, one of the main villains of the series.

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In World of Winx, Tinker Bell is a powerful fairy from the world of dreams and a friend of Peter Pan.

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Tinker Bell's appears in the edition of Peter Pan in Scarlet illustrated by David Wyatt.

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When translated into other languages, Tinker Bell's name is sometimes rendered more or less phonetically, but is often replaced by a name that evokes her character or one that refers to a bell or represents its sound.

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