11 Facts About Moe Norman


Murray Irwin "Moe" Norman was a Canadian professional golfer whose accuracy and ability to hit shot after shot perfectly straight gave him the nickname "Pipeline Moe".

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Sam Snead claimed Norman was the game's "greatest striker of the ball", and Tiger Woods said Norman and Ben Hogan were the only two golfers in history to have "owned their swings".

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Moe Norman refined his skills competing against talented area players such as Gary Cowan and Gerry Kesselring.

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Moe Norman spent many winters setting pins in a bowling alley for a few cents a line.

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Moe Norman won back-to-back Canadian Amateur Championships in 1955 and 1956.

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Moe Norman turned professional in 1957 and played briefly on the PGA Tour, but due to shyness, bullying he encountered from certain pros, and a preference to stay in Canada, he stayed primarily in Ontario rather than travel extensively outside Canada.

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Moe Norman died in 2004 in a Kitchener hospital from congestive heart failure, having suffered from the condition since heart bypass surgery six years earlier.

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Moe Norman wore long-sleeved shirts in any weather, buttoned to his chin, and his pants didn't fit very well.

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Moe Norman devised what is known as "The Single Plane Golf Swing" —- rigid arms extended far from his body, a very wide stance with minimal knee bend, shorter-than-usual backswing and extended follow-through with minimal hand action, which produced amazingly accurate ball placement.

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Moe Norman played extremely fast, sometimes not slowing to line up his putts.

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Moe Norman was known for sometimes unconventional behavior on the course.

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