11 Facts About Mytilene


Mytilene is the capital of the Greek island of Lesbos, and its port.

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Mytilene is one of the two municipalities on the island of Lesbos, created in 2019; the other is West Lesbos.

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The early harbors of Mytilene were linked during ancient times by a channel 700 m long and 30 m wide.

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Mytilene contested successfully with Mithymna in the north of the island for the leadership of the island in the seventh century BC and became the centre of the island's prosperous eastern hinterland.

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City of Mytilene was home to 9th century Byzantine saints who were brothers, Archbishop George, Symeon Stylites, and David the Monk.

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Lesbos and Mytilene had an established Jewish population since ancient times.

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Mytilene is located in the southeastern part of the island, north and east of the Bay of Gera.

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Mytilene has a port with ferries to the nearby islands of Lemnos and Chios and Ayvalik and at times Dikili in Turkey.

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Town of Mytilene has a large number of neoclassical buildings, public and private houses.

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Archaeological investigations at Mytilene began in the late 19th century when Robert Koldewey and a group of German colleagues spent many months on the island preparing plans of the visible remains at various ancient sites like Mytilene.

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The former contains the rich Bronze Age remains from Thermi, a site north of Mytilene dug by the British in the 1930s as well as extensive pottery and figurine displays; the former coach house accommodates ancient inscriptions, architectural pieces, and coins.

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