19 Facts About Naboo


Naboo is a fictional planet in the Star Wars universe.

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The human denizens of Naboo, known simply as the Naboo, were governed under an elective monarchy and maintained a peaceful culture that promoted education, the arts, environmental protection and scientific achievements.

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The primary Naboo city was Theed, the planetary capital, and the primary Gungan city was Otoh Gunga.

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Naboo is seen in four films in the Star Wars series, having a prominent role in the first two prequels and glimpsed briefly in Revenge of the Sith and the 2004 DVD release of Return of the Jedi.

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The swamps of Naboo are home to many species of creatures including the massive Opee Sea Killer in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

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Naboo system is located in the Chommell sector, a region in the galactic Mid-Rim.

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Naboo is the third planet of the star system of the same name, which orbits the star Naboo.

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The planet Naboo has three moons, known throughout various media as Ohma D'un, Rori and Tasia.

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Naboo is described as having a porous, plasma-rich interior without a molten core—a rare phenomenon among the planets in the Star Wars universe.

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The surface of Naboo is covered by dense swamps, rolling grass plains, and verdant hills.

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Human culture of Naboo remained largely pastoral and nomadic, though urban centers developed.

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Naboo developed into a classic feudal society with a hereditary noble class and common folk, though unlike most feudal societies, there is no record of a subservient serf class.

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Naboo city-states traded with each other and with the Gungans.

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Naboo has two other moons, the water-moon Ohma D'un and the barren grey ice-moon of Tasia .

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Naboo culture includes a strong sense of family in each of the households of Naboo, from commoners up through the royal family.

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Naboo fell quickly; though they had a powerful Armed Corps, the Royal Advisory Council held off action until all negotiations failed.

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Naboo's would be assassinated by the elite 501st Legion, aka Vader's Fist, establishing Imperial control of the planet.

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Many Naboo would serve in the Imperial Services and Captain Panaka would become an aide to the Emperor, and later it would become imperial Naboo.

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Naboo appeared in the theme park attraction Star Tours - The Adventures Continue in Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida and Disneyland Park in Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

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