17 Facts About NetBSD


NetBSD is a free and open-source Unix-like operating system based on the Berkeley Software Distribution.

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NetBSD project focuses on code clarity, careful design, and portability across many computer architectures.

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The NetBSD project began as a result of frustration within the 386BSD developer community with the pace and direction of the operating system's development.

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The name "NetBSD" was chosen based on the importance and growth of networks such as the Internet at that time, and the distributed, collaborative nature of its development.

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NetBSD later founded a new project, OpenBSD, from a forked version of NetBSD 1.

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Currently, unlike other kernels such as µClinux, the NetBSD kernel requires the presence of an MMU in any given target architecture.

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Several embedded systems using NetBSD have required no additional software development other than toolchain and target rehost.

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NetBSD includes many enterprise features like iSCSI, a journaling filesystem, logical volume management and the ZFS filesystem.

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NetBSD provides system call-level binary compatibility on the appropriate processor architectures with its previous releases, but with several other UNIX-derived and UNIX-like operating systems, including Linux, and other 4.

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NetBSD was used in NASA's SAMS-II Project of measuring the microgravity environment on the International Space Station, and for investigations of TCP for use in satellite networks.

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Thus, the development of products based on NetBSD is possible without having to make modifications to the source code public.

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In contrast, the GPL, which does not apply to NetBSD, stipulates that changes to source code of a product must be released to the product recipient when products derived from those changes are released.

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On 20 June 2008, the NetBSD Foundation announced a transition to the two clause BSD license, citing concerns with UCB support of clause 3 and industry applicability of clause 4.

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NetBSD includes the GNU development tools and other packages, which are covered by the GPL and other open source licenses.

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NetBSD "flag" logo, designed by Grant Bissett, was introduced in 2004 and is an abstraction of their older logo, designed by Shawn Mueller in 1994.

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NetBSD Foundation is the legal entity that owns the intellectual property and trademarks associated with NetBSD, and on 22 January 2004, became a 503 tax-exempt non-profit organization.

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The NetBSD Foundation has a Board of Directors, elected by the voting of members for two years.

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