24 Facts About Nigella Lawson

1. Nigella Lawson needs no introduction; so let us simply bring you up to date.

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2. Nigella Lawson reveals she had to get a mortgage aged 53 after downsizing.

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3. Nigella Lawson uses this €12 cleaning product to exfoliate—would you?.

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4. Nigella Lawson has fallen head over heels with a dot on the Australian map, 9000 miles from her London home.

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5. Nigella Lawson loves this corner of Australia so much she's returning to headline the food festival.

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6. Nigella Lawson uses washing up gloves to exfoliate—because why not?.

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7. Nigella Lawson has admitted she uses special washing up gloves to exfoliate her skin.

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8. Nigella Lawson uses Marigold washing up gloves to exfoliate her skin.

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9. Nigella Lawson is one of our most popular celebrity chefs here at Cookstr! Her accessible recipes for making your home and dinner party divine are beloved by people across the globe.

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10. Nigella Lawson reviewed his first novel, The Accidental Woman, in 1987, and said that "inside this experimental fiction is a straightforward narrative struggling to get out, and underneath all the fey would.

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11. Nigella Lawson reveals her secret beauty trick to keeping youthful skin… she uses Marigold washing up gloves.

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12. In December 2008, Nigella Lawson caused controversy and was featured in various newspapers for publicly advocating wearing fur.

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13. Nigella Lawson is a supporter of the Lavender Trust which gives support to young women with breast cancer.

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14. One of his last messages to Nigella Lawson was, "How proud I am of you and what you have become.

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15. Nigella Lawson met journalist John Diamond in 1986, when they were both writing for The Sunday Times.

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16. Nigella Lawson has become renowned for her flirtatious manner of presenting, although she argues "It's not meant to be flirtatious.

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17. Nigella Lawson has adopted a casual approach to cooking, stating, "I think cooking should be about fun and family.

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18. Nigella Lawson was spokesperson for the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, giving the twelve points to Sweden's Mans Zelmerlow and his song "Heroes", which went on to win the contest.

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19. In 2014 Nigella Lawson was hired by a chocolate company to appear in an advertisement, the advertisement was filmed in New Zealand in May for a local confection manufacturer Whittaker's.

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20. Nigella Lawson travelled to the United States in 2013 and starred alongside Anthony Bourdain in the reality cooking show The Taste.

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21. Nigella Lawson obtained work experience in Italy during her gap year.

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22. In the UK in 2005, Nigella Lawson started to host a daytime television chat show on ITV1 called Nigella, on which celebrity guests joined her in a studio kitchen.

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23. Nigella Lawson originally worked in publishing, first taking a job under publisher Naim Attallah.

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24. Nigella Lawson spent some of her childhood in the Welsh village of Higher Kinnerton.

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