11 Facts About Nimbit


Nimbit was originally formed and incorporated by Phil Antoniades, Patrick Faucher, and Joseph Twarog in 2002, in Framingham, Massachusetts.

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Company launched Nimbit WebTools in 2003, which was a content management system of website management tools and hosting services, designed for the entertainment industry.

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In July 2012 Nimbit announced it had been acquired by PreSonus, the manufacturer of music production software and hardware, for an undisclosed sum.

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Nimbit users are provided with an online interface to create a profile for themselves, including any promotional photos or videos, and a calendar of their public events.

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Nimbit provides virtual storefronts, which users can leverage for selling directly to fans.

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Nimbit storefronts utilize PayPal, allowing them to accept purchases via PayPal or credit card, in any of PayPal's supported currencies.

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Nimbit users have the option to define split payments, whereby an existing PayPal account can be set to automatically receive a custom percentage of profits from the storefront.

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Nimbit includes the functionality for users to conduct a fundraising campaign via the following options:.

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Nimbit provides services for CD and DVD replication, and for short-run CD-R and DVD-R duplication.

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Nimbit Premium is a subscription plan which offers extended capabilities compared to the free account model, such as the following:.

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PledgeMusic and Nimbit partnered in October 2011 to create "PledgeStore", so that users can have a Nimbit virtual store appear on their PledgeMusic page once their pledge goal has been met, providing ways for customers to continue contributing to the campaign and access additional content.

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