14 Facts About Metro Cebu


Metro Cebu is located along the central eastern portion of the island including the nearby island of Mactan.

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Metro Cebu is a metropolitan area that consists of Cebu City along with twelve surrounding cities and municipalities.

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Metro Cebu City was a fishing village and farming settlement governed by Visayan native kings who traded with the neighboring islands of Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Metro Cebu represented the province's thriving urban centers that are physically proximate to Cebu City, which is the leading commercial and financial hub in the Visayas and northern Mindanao areas with a population largely dependent on the economic opportunities prevailing in the area.

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Metro Cebu is the seat of more than a dozen educational institutions, the oldest of which is the University of San Carlos.

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Metro Cebu has several hospitals and clinics, there are two types of hospitals in Metro Cebu: the public hospitals which is owned by the government.

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Some public hospitals in Metro Cebu are the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center, Cebu City Medical Center and there are few public district hospitals which are managed by the provincial government of Cebu.

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Some private hospitals in Metro Cebu are the Chong Hua Hospital, Cebu Doctors' University Hospital, University of Cebu Medical Center, Perpetual Succor Hospital and Cebu Institute of Medicine Hospital.

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Metro Cebu International Convention Center is a structure built by the Metro Cebu provincial government in time for the 12th ASEAN Summit and 2nd East Asia Summit at a cost of around US$10-million dollars, US$5-million dollars more than expected.

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Metro Cebu's electricity is mostly supplied from Leyte Geothermal Power Plants operated by PNOC-EDC which is interconnected across Cebu through electrical submarine cables operated by TransCo.

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Metro Cebu's MCIA is the international gateway to the economic hub of the Central and Southern Philippines.

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Air freight to and from Metro Cebu is reliable and efficient with major international couriers like FedEx, Fastpak Global Express, and 2GO operating here.

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Metro Cebu International Port is a multipurpose terminal covering an area of 10 hectares with 690 meters of berthing space and a controlling draught of minus 8.

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The Province of Cebu has proposed a bill to create a permanent Metropolitan Cebu Development Authority .

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