13 Facts About Novaya Gazeta


Seven Novaya Gazeta journalists, including Yuri Shchekochikhin, Anna Politkovskaya and Anastasia Baburova, have been murdered since 2000, in connection with their investigations.

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The next month, a European edition of the paper, Novaya Gazeta Europe, was launched from Riga in order to avoid censorship; the website was blocked in Russia later that month.

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On 26 November 2001, Novaya Gazeta published an article by Oleg Lurie stating that the management of the International Industrial Bank, headed by Sergey Pugachyov, had been involved in money laundering in the Bank of New York.

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However, in an article of 27 May 2002, Yulia Latynina, a Novaya Gazeta journalist, revealed that the bank's three customers named in the lawsuit were its subsidiaries or otherwise controlled by its board of directors, and claimed that Novaya Gazeta had requested the opening of a criminal fraud investigation into the activities of the bank.

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Novaya Gazeta published reports about anti-gay purges in Chechnya in 2017, where 3 men were allegedly killed, and dozens detained and intimidated.

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On 29 April 2022, Novaya Gazeta Europe announced that its website had been blocked in Russia.

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Novaya Gazeta was replaced by Sergey Kozheurov, the general director of the newspaper and its first editor-in-chief.

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Novaya Gazeta was attacked on his way to his Moscow apartment, near the doorway, on 12 May 2000.

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Some of his contributions published in Novaya Gazeta were related to the investigation of the Three Whales Corruption Scandal.

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Fifteen years after her murder, Novaya Gazeta released a short film investigating her death, documenting failures at every level of the subsequent investigation.

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Novaya Gazeta said his eyes were "burning terribly" after the attack and posted a selfie showing the effects of the attack.

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Novaya Gazeta regularly contain free inserts of its side-projects or other newly launched newspapers.

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Novaya Gazeta has published The New York Times International Weekly on Fridays since 2009.

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