12 Facts About OCR Systems


OCR Systems, Inc, was an American computer hardware manufacturer and software publisher dedicated to optical character recognition technologies.

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OCR Systems released the software-based OCR application ReadRight for DOS, later ported to Windows, in the late 1980s.

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OCR Systems entered a partnership with 3M to resell the System 1000 throughout the United States in March 1973.

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OCR Systems left the company in the hands of Gregory Boleslavsky and Vadim Brikman, two Soviet Ukraine expats whom Levine had hired earlier in the 1980s.

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OCR Systems soon gained such clients as Allegheny Energy in Pennsylvania and the postal service of Belgium and received an influx of employees—mostly expats from Russia but Poland and South Korea, as well as American-born workers.

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In 1988, OCR Systems opened their agreement to distribute ReadRight to other scanner manufacturers, including Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Skyworld, Taxan, Diamond Flower and Abaton.

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OCR Systems extended their agreement with Chinon in 1989 and introduced version 2.

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OCR Systems faced stiff competition in the software OCR market in the turn of the 1990s.

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OCR Systems was to receive $3 million worth of Delrina shares in a stock swap, but the deal collapsed in January 1992.

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OCR Systems promised added compatibility with more fonts available down the line—per request—in 1970.

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OCR Systems unveiled a sister product, ReadRight Personal, dedicated to handheld scanners and for Windows only in October 1991.

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OCR Systems announced a follow-up release promising to correcting these issues in July 1992, which never came to fruition on account of Adobe buying the company.

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