12 Facts About Allegheny Energy


Allegheny Energy was an electric utility headquartered in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

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Allegheny Energy was incorporated in Maryland in 1925 as West Penn Electric Company.

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Allegheny Energy operated its electric distribution operations under the trade name Allegheny Power.

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Allegheny Energy formerly operated in sections of eastern Ohio, until early 2006, when regulatory issues within Ohio forced them to sell the territory to Columbus Southern Power, a division of American Electric Power, Inc.

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Allegheny Energy Power was ranked number one in customer satisfaction among utilities in the northeastern United States in 2010, according to TQS Research.

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Under this accord, Allegheny Energy agreed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by two million tons per year by 2000.

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Carbon dioxide reduction efforts have continued since 2000, and Allegheny Energy has since recorded another 9 million tons of avoided emissions through continued efficiency improvements, demand-side management measures, and vegetative sequestration.

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Allegheny Energy has taken steps to significantly reduce sulfur dioxide emissions at its generating facilities, investing $1.

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Allegheny Energy now has one of the cleanest fleets in the United States with respect to sulfur dioxide.

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The suit claimed that Allegheny Energy has made major upgrades at its Armstrong, Hatfield's Ferry, and Mitchell electric generating stations, having dramatically increased emissions without installing new pollution controls required by the Clean Air Act.

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New Jersey sought injunctive relief to require Allegheny Energy to reduce its harmful emissions by installing up to date pollution controls at each of the three plants.

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The states asked the court to apply penalties and order Allegheny Energy to take additional appropriate actions to make up for the harm done to public health and the environment by its violations of federal and state law.

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