12 Facts About Oculus Quest


Similar to its predecessor, Oculus Quest Go, it is a standalone device that can run games and software wirelessly under an Android-based operating system.

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Oculus Quest received praise for its price and convenience, and for having improved graphical fidelity and tracking over Oculus Go, but was panned for its front-heavy build and downgraded graphics quality over PC-based VR games.

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The later introduction of Oculus Link led to reappraisals of the Quest, with critics praising the device's increased flexibility, and indicating that devices like the Quest would likely supplant the PC-only Rift headsets moving forward.

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At Oculus Quest Connect 3 in 2016, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Oculus Quest was working on a standalone virtual reality headset codenamed "Santa Cruz".

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At Oculus Quest Connect 4 the following year, it was announced that Oculus Quest planned to issue software development kits for the new model in 2018.

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The headset uses the "next generation" lens technology originally introduced in Oculus Quest Go, which helps to enlarge the sweet spot of the lens.

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Unlike the Oculus Go, which used a limited handheld remote that only supported limited motion tracking, the Quest supports positional tracking with six degrees of freedom .

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Rather than use external sensor cameras in the play area to spatially track the headset and controllers, Oculus Quest utilizes an "inside-out" tracking system known as "Oculus Insight".

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At Oculus Quest Connect 6, it was announced that the feature would be upgraded to "Passthrough+" as on the Oculus Quest Rift S, making it stereoscopic and stereo-correct.

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At Oculus Connect 6 in September 2019, it was announced that backward compatibility with over 50 Oculus Go applications and games would be added to the Quest.

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At Oculus Connect 6, Facebook announced Oculus Link, a function which allows the Quest to be used with Oculus Rift-compatible software on a PC over USB.

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Scott Stein of CNET considered the Oculus Quest to be "improbably amazing for its size and $399 price tag", and compared it to Nintendo Switch in terms of convenience.

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