15 Facts About Oghuz Turks


The name Oghuz Turks is a Common Turkic word for "tribe".

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Oghuz Turks confederation migrated westward from the Jeti-su area after a conflict with the Karluk allies of the Uyghurs.

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Oghuz Turks observed that the Oghuz had been separated for so long from the eastern Turks, that the language of the Turks in the east could be clearly distinguished from the language of the Oghuz and Kipchak further west.

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Oghuz Turks seem to have been related to the Pechenegs, some of whom were clean-shaven and others of whom had small 'goatee' beards.

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Oghuz Turks warriors served in almost all Islamic armies of the Middle East from the 1000s onwards, in Byzantium from the 800s, and even in Spain and Morocco.

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Bichurin claimed that the first usage of the word Oghuz Turks appears to have been the title of Oguz Kagan, whose biography shares similarities with the biography, recorded by Han Chinese, of Xiongnu leader Modu Shanyu, who founded the Xiongnu Empire.

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Golden states Transoxanian Oghuz Turks who founded the Oghuz Yabgu State were not the same tribal confederation as the Toquz Oghuz from whom emerged the founders of Uyghur Khaganate.

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At most, the Oghuz Turks were possibly led by a core group of Toquz Oghuz Turks clans or tribes.

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Ibn al-Athir, an Arab historian, claimed that the Oghuz Turks were settled mainly in Transoxiana, between the Caspian and Aral Seas, during the period of the caliph Al-Mahdi .

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Al-Masudi described Yangikent's Oghuz Turks as "distinguished from other Turks by their valour, their slanted eyes, and the smallness of their stature".

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Militarism that the Oghuz Turks empires were very well known for was rooted in their centuries-long nomadic lifestyle.

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The shelter of the Oghuz Turks tribes was a tent-like dwelling, erected on wooden poles and covered with skin, felt, or hand-woven textiles, which is called a yurt.

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Each community of the Oghuz Turks was thought of as part of a larger society composed of distant as well as close relatives.

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The extension from the Karachuk Mountains towards the Caspian Sea was called the "Oghuz Steppe Lands" from where the Oghuz Turks established trading, religious and cultural contacts with the Abbasid Arab caliphate who ruled to the south.

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An earlier offshoot of the Yoruks, the Kailars or Kayilar Oghuz Turks were amongst the first Turkish colonists in Europe, formerly inhabiting parts of the Greek regions of Thessaly and Macedonia.

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