15 Facts About Oliver Humperdink


John Jay Sutton, better known by his ring name Oliver Humperdink, was an American professional wrestling manager and occasional professional wrestler who worked for Jim Crockett Promotions, Florida Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling.


Oliver Humperdink eventually landed a job as a security guard for the American Wrestling Association.


In 1974, Humperdink went to Florida Championship Wrestling and was put into an angle with Mike Graham and Kevin Sullivan.


In 1980 Oliver Humperdink became Dusty Rhodes' servant for thirty days after his protege Ivan Koloff lost a match to Rhodes with that stipulation.


When "Rooster" Oliver Humperdink, who had become a figure of sympathy during his thirty days' servitude, returned to management and attempted to claim back Jaggers, Hayes and Volkoff brutally beat on him, thus starting a feud with Hayes.


Oliver Humperdink left the company in 1983 but returned five years later shortly before the company was bought out by Ted Turner and became World Championship Wrestling.


In 1987, the World Wrestling Federation approached Oliver Humperdink and offered him a job.


Oliver Humperdink's gimmick was that of a face, but Sutton did not like the gimmick off-screen.


Oliver Humperdink managed the duo during the first-ever Survivor Series in a match that they lost when Bigelow was pinned by Andre the Giant.


Oliver Humperdink managed Bigelow during WrestleMania IV when he lost in the first round of a WWF Championship tournament.


Bigelow and Oliver Humperdink left the WWF in mid 1988 and stayed together on the independent ciruit before together joining the NWA in 1988.


Oliver Humperdink was still at the side of Bigelow in his feud with Barry Windham in a match at Starrcade and later joined him in turning heel on Lex Luger in early 1989.


Oliver Humperdink worked for World Championship Wrestling in the early 1990s as "Big Daddy Dink", a biker-type gimmick.


Oliver Humperdink was equipped with a pacemaker and made a full recovery.


Oliver Humperdink entered a hospice having refused chemotherapy and radiotherapy.