20 Facts About Pavel Tretyakov


Pavel Mikhaylovich Tretyakov was a Russian businessman, patron of art, collector, and philanthropist who gave his name to the Tretyakov Gallery and Tretyakov Drive in Moscow.

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Pavel Tretyakov's brother Sergei Tretyakov was a famous patron of art and a philanthropist.

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Pavel Tretyakov laid down for himself the aim of creating a Russian National Gallery.

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In 1885 Tretyakov bought 102 studies by V D Polenov painted by the artist during journeys across Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Palestine.

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Pavel Tretyakov acquired Viktor Vasnetsov's collection of the sketches made during his work on St Volodymyr's Cathedral in Kiev.

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Pavel Tretyakov conceived the creation of a "Russian pantheon" - a portrait gallery of famous Russians.

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Pavel Tretyakov wanted to transfer the gallery to the city as discreetly as possible, without any fuss; he didn't want to be in the centre of general attention and an object of gratitude.

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In 1892 Pavel Tretyakov inherited a collection of Western European painting from his brother and placed it in two halls of the western school.

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The collection in Pavel Tretyakov's gallery was equal in importance with the largest museums in Russia at that time, and became one of sights of Moscow.

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Pavel Tretyakov was involved in studying the collection, and from 1893 he produced its catalogue.

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Pavel Tretyakov was an honorary member of the Society of Collectors of the Applied Arts and of the Musical Society from the dates of their foundations.

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Pavel Tretyakov granted large amounts of money to these organizations, supporting all their educational undertakings.

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Pavel Tretyakov supported an initiative to help the families of soldiers who died during the Crimean and Russo-Turkish War.

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Pavel Tretyakov established grants in commercial schools in Moscow and Alexandrovskoe.

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Pavel Tretyakov never refused monetary help to artists and others, and carefully looked after the affairs of painters who without fear entrusted their savings to him.

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Pavel Tretyakov died in December 1898, and his funeral was held at the Church of St Nicholas in Tolmachi where he was an active parishioner.

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Pavel Tretyakov was buried in Danilov Cemetery, but in 1948 his remains were transferred to Novodevichy Cemetery.

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Pavel Tretyakov provided for the financing of the gallery, and for a shelter for the widows, juvenile children and unmarried daughters of artists who had died.

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Pavel Tretyakov bought a big stone house with a garden for the school.

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Pavel Tretyakov selected the best teachers, and became acquainted with the methods of study.

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