19 Facts About Perry Mason


Perry Mason is a fictional character, an American criminal defense lawyer who is the main character in works of detective fiction written by Erle Stanley Gardner.

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Typically, Perry Mason establishes his client's innocence by finding the real murderer.

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Character of Perry Mason was adapted for motion pictures and a long-running radio series.

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Perry Mason is recovering from having been poisoned, and Tragg is investigating.

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Perry Mason'stastes in food are known because many scenes take place in restaurants, and that he is an excellent driver as shown by his participation in the occasional car chase.

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For instance, in one film, Perry Mason marries his longtime secretary Della Street, while Paul Drake turns into comic sidekick Spudsy Drake.

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Likewise the TV series diverges at times significantly from the books, which was a practical necessity considering that there were only about 80 Perry Mason novels written altogether and over 270 episodes of the TV series.

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Episode 1 shows Perry Mason with a tattoo of the Cross of Lorraine with the number 79 and the inscription "infantry", indicating he was an infantryman in the 79th Division whose emblem of the cross signifies its service in France during the war.

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Perry Mason is an alcoholic, divorced father who is struggling to maintain ownership of his deceased parents' farm.

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Almost always, the second half of each novel is devoted to a courtroom scene, during which Perry Mason arrives at the alternative explanation and proves it to the satisfaction of the court.

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Hallmark of the stories is that as soon as Perry Mason accepts a case, he will juggle the evidence using unusual tactics to mislead the police – but always in an ethical fashion:.

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Perry Mason manipulates evidence and witnesses, resulting in the acquittal of the murderer in The Case of the Howling Dog .

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Hamilton Burger is constantly under the impression that Perry Mason has done something illegal, but is never able to prove it.

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Six Perry Mason films are available on DVD as a single-set release from the Warner Bros.

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Perry Mason was adapted for radio as a 15-minute daily crime series that aired from 1943 to 1955 on CBS Radio.

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Best-known incarnation of Perry Mason came in the form of a CBS TV series simply titled Perry Mason which ran from 1957 to 1966, with Raymond Burr in the title role.

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Several years after Perry Mason was cancelled, a new series, The New Perry Mason, aired in 1973 featuring Monte Markham in the title role.

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Perry Mason character has appeared in comic books and a short-lived comic strip.

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Perry Mason novels inspired Robert M Bell, former Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals, to become a lawyer.

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