16 Facts About Phil Coulson


Agent Phillip J Coulson is a fictional character portrayed and voiced by Clark Gregg in the Marvel Cinematic Universe media franchise.

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Agent Phil Coulson was introduced in the film Iron Man, in which he attempts to debrief Tony Stark on his captivity in Afghanistan.

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Phil Coulson is one of several agents who accompany Pepper Potts in an attempt to arrest Obadiah Stane once his criminal activities are revealed.

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In Iron Man 2, Phil Coulson is assigned to supervise Stark for a time before being reassigned to investigate a crisis in New Mexico.

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In both Iron Man 2s post-credits scene and Thor, Phil Coulson's assignment is revealed to revolve around the discovery of Thor's hammer in the New Mexico desert.

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However, test patients developed psychosis and hypergraphia, so Phil Coulson had the project shut down and Fury had Phil Coulson's memories replaced so he could live a healthy life.

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Phil Coulson later becomes romantically involved with Rosalind Price, the leader of an anti-Inhuman government task-force called the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, until her death at the hands of Grant Ward, a Hydra agent who formerly worked with Phil Coulson.

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Phil Coulson gets revenge by crushing Ward's chest with his prosthetic hand.

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Phil Coulson later turned up alive and appears as a member of the Power Elite where he meets with Thunderbolt Ross to talk about the Avengers going global.

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Squadron Supreme of America are revealed to be simulacrums created by Mephisto and programmed by the Power Elite so that Phil Coulson can have them be a United States-sponsored superhero team, Coulson having gone to Hell after his death for unspecified war crimes, and made a deal with Mephisto to be restored to life.

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In "Heroes Reborn", Phil Coulson uses the Pandemonium Cube to rewrite reality in Mephisto's name, erasing the Avengers from existence and making himself the President of the United States, watching the fight between Hyperion and Doctor Juggernaut.

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Agent Phil Coulson was one of the guys who wasn't really in the comic books, and he [had] a very kind of small role in Iron Man.

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Agent Phil Coulson was created by Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway for Iron Man, the first feature film in the MCU.

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However, for the Marvel One-Shot short films The Consultant and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Phil Coulson is given "a chance to stand in his own spotlight for once".

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Sarge is an alien who occupies a clone body of Phil Coulson which was created by the powers of the Di'Allas and sent hundred years into the past on his and Izel's home planet.

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Phil Coulson was able to throw out quips like none other, while turning on a dime, and expressing serious rage in moments.

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