13 Facts About Port Harcourt


Port Harcourt is the capital and largest city in Rivers State, Nigeria.

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Port Harcourt's economy turned to petroleum when the first shipment of Nigerian crude oil was exported through the city in 1958.

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Port Harcourt was founded in 1912 by Frederick Lugard, governor of both the Northern Nigeria Protectorate and the Southern Nigeria Protectorate.

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Port Harcourt became the center of the Nigerian oil economy and it subsequently reaped benefits of its associations with the petroleum industry by undergoing modernization and urbanization.

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Port Harcourt's growth is further due to its position as the commercial center and foremost industrial city of the former Eastern Region; its position in the Niger Delta; and its importance as the center of social and economic life in Rivers State.

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Port Harcourt, which is the current capital of Rivers State, is highly congested as it is the only major city of the state.

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Port Harcourt is a major industrial centre as it has a large number of multinational firms as well as other industrial concerns, particularly business related to the petroleum industry.

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Port Harcourt is primarily composed of coastal Ijaw, Ikwerre, and Ogoni peoples, with a significant Igbo presence.

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Several institutions of tertiary education in Port Harcourt offer a wide range of professionally accredited programmes and qualifications.

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The University of Port Harcourt was ranked sixth in Africa and first in Nigeria by Times Higher Education in 2015.

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Port Harcourt is the leading hub for medical services in Rivers State.

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Greater Port Harcourt city hosted several of the events at the 17th national sports festival tagged "Garden City Games".

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Port Harcourt has the following sister city relationships, according to Sister Cities International:.

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