10 Facts About PowerPC 603e


PowerPC 603e 601 was the first generation of microprocessors to support the basic 32-bit PowerPC 603e instruction set.

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PowerPC 603e 603 was the first processor implementing the complete 32-bit PowerPC 603e Architecture as specified.

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The PowerPC 603e is still sold today by IBM and Freescale, and others like Atmel and Honeywell who makes the radiation hardened variant RHPPC.

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The PowerPC 603e was the heart of the BeBox from Be Inc The BeBox is notable since it is a multiprocessing system, something the 603 wasn't designed for.

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PowerPC 603e core, renamed G2 by Freescale, is the basis for many embedded PowerQUICC II processors, and, as such, it keeps on being developed.

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Freescale has enhanced the PowerPC 603e core, calling it e300, in the PowerQUICC II Pro embedded processors.

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PowerPC 603e 604 was introduced in December 1994 alongside the 603 and was designed as a high-performance chip for workstations and entry-level servers and as such had support for symmetric multiprocessing in hardware.

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PowerPC 603e 620 was the first implementation of the entire 64-bit PowerPC 603e architecture.

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The sole user of PowerPC 603e 620 was Groupe Bull in its Escala UNIX machines, but they didn't deliver any large numbers.

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PowerPC 603e 602 was a stripped-down version of PowerPC 603e 603, specially made for game consoles by Motorola and IBM, introduced in February 1995.

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