12 Facts About Pro Bowls


Between 1970 and 2009, the Pro Bowls Bowl was usually held the weekend after the Super Bowl.

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Immediately prior to the Pro Bowls Bowl, following the 1949 season, the All-America Football Conference, which contributed three teams to the NFL in a partial merger in 1950, held its own all-star game, the Shamrock Bowl.

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The 2010 Pro Bowls Bowl was played at Sun Life Stadium, the home stadium of the Miami Dolphins and host site of Super Bowl XLIV, on January 31, the first time ever that the Pro Bowls Bowl was held before the championship game.

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On October 24,2012, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had second thoughts about the Pro Bowls Bowl, telling a Sirius XM show that if the players did not play more competitively [in the 2013 Pro Bowls Bowl], he was "not inclined to play it anymore".

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In May 2022, Commissioner Roger Goodell questioned the future of the Pro Bowls Bowl, arguing that it "doesn't work", and that "another way to celebrate the players" was needed.

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The Pro Bowls Bowl is not allowed to end in a tie, unlike preseason and regular season games.

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Early Pro Bowls Bowl, contested by the National Football League's Eastern and Western Division stars and played at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, featured the same uniforms from the 1950s to mid-1960s; the Eastern team wore scarlet jerseys with white numerals and a white crescent shoulder stripe, white pants with red stripe, red socks, and a plain red helmet.

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Pro Bowls Bowl was originally broadcast on an alternative basis by CBS and NBC from 1971 to 1974, while the other network broadcast the Super Bowl.

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Decades, the Pro Bowls Bowl has been criticized as a glamor event more than a football game.

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Not having the best players in the Pro Bowls Bowl was exacerbated by the introduction of fan voting.

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However, starting in 2010, the Pro Bowls Bowl was moved from the week after the Super Bowl to the week before it.

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Pro Bowls was not selected in the year after which he set the record for rushing touchdowns in a season and his team made it to the Super Bowl.

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