11 Facts About Qamishli


Qamishli is predominantly populated by Kurds with large numbers of Arabs and Assyrians and a smaller number of Armenians.

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Qamishli was the de facto capital of the AANES, until it was moved to Ayn Issa.

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Qamishli is considered a center for both the Kurdish and the Assyrian ethnic groups in Syria.

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Qamishli is renowned for its large Christmas parade, and Newroz and Kha b-Nisan festivals.

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In March 2004, during a chaotic soccer match, the Qamishli riots began when visiting Arab fans from Deir ez-Zor started praising Saddam Hussein to taunt the Kurdish home fans.

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Part of the city, as well as an area to the south which includes Qamishli Airport, remain under the administration of the Syrian government.

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Unlike many Syrian cities, Qamishli has not seen large-scale fighting during the war, although it has been attacked by unknown perpetrators in 2015 and by Islamic State in 2016, as well as brief skirmishes between AANES and Syrian forces in 2016 and 2018.

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Qamishli is home to Chirkin prison, which houses detained Islamic State militants.

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The origin of the Jews of Qamishli is the adjoining city of Nusaybin, on the other side of the Turkish-Syrian border.

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Qamishli is divided into several districts, which are further divided into neighborhoods.

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Qamishli Airport was closed to civilians in October 2015, but later reopened.

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