12 Facts About Radical Entertainment


Radical Entertainment Inc is a Canadian video game developer based in Vancouver.

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Radical Entertainment was established in September 1991 in the Yaletown district of Vancouver.

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At E3 2001, Radical Entertainment unveiled The Simpsons: Road Rage, a story-based driving game based on the popular animated series The Simpsons and co-published by Electronic Arts and Fox Interactive, as well as Dark Summit, another THQ-published snowboarding game unique in its action-adventure elements.

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On 15 August 2001, Radical Entertainment announced the development of a demo application and white paper for Nintendo's upcoming GameCube console.

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In 2003, Radical Entertainment opened a development division, 369 Interactive, which was set to develop multiple titles based on the CSI franchise, in partnership with Ubi Soft.

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Radical Entertainment took over the development of Crash Tag Team Racing from Traveller's Tales.

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At the time, Radical Entertainment was developing four games, including Crash: Mind Over Mutant and Prototype.

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On 15 December 2013, Radical Entertainment's incorporated status was dissolved by the Canadian government for non-compliance under section 212 of the Canadian Business Corporations Act.

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Radical Entertainment was among the studios named in Microsoft's 2022 acquisition of Activision's parent company Activision Blizzard.

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Radical Entertainment practiced open and regular communication between management and employees; the company's president sent an e-mail to all staff on a bi-weekly basis, and staff input on all company facets was sought, ranging from what technologies to adopt to what food was stocked in the kitchen.

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Radical Entertainment implemented progressive human resource management practices such as core hours, providing a salary top-up to 3-months full pay for maternity leave, and utilizing an intellectual property review process to generate new ideas from among employees.

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Radical Entertainment maintained an in-house research and development team directed by Dave Forsey.

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