29 Facts About Raytheon Company


Raytheon Company was a major U S defense contractor and industrial corporation with manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics.

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In 2003, Raytheon Company's headquarters moved from Lexington, Massachusetts, to Waltham, Massachusetts.

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Raytheon Company had previously been headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, from 1922 to 1928, Newton, Massachusetts, from 1928 to 1941, Waltham from 1941 to 1961 and Lexington from 1961 to 2003.

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Raytheon Company's first product was a gaseous voltage-regulator tube that was based on Charles Smith's earlier astronomical research of the star Zeta Puppis.

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The electron tube was christened with the name Raytheon Company and was used in a battery eliminator, a type of radio-receiver power supply that plugged into the power grid in place of large batteries.

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Raytheon Company ranked 71st among United States corporations in the value of World War II military production contracts.

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Raytheon Company was a contractor for the mass-production of the newly-invented miniature shock-resistant vacuum tubes used in proximity fuses.

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In 1946, the company expanded its electronics capability through acquisitions that included the Submarine Signal Raytheon Company, a leading manufacturer of maritime safety equipment.

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Raytheon Company then received military contracts to develop the air-to-air Sparrow and ground-to-air Hawk missiles, projects that received impetus from the Korean War.

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Raytheon Company manufactured the Apollo Guidance Computer, which was introduced that year and flew aboard all NASA Project Apollo missions.

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In 1980, Raytheon acquired Beech Aircraft Corporation, a leading manufacturer of general aviation aircraft founded in 1932 by Walter H Beech.

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Also in 1997, Raytheon acquired the aerospace and defense business of Hughes Aircraft Company from Hughes Electronics Corporation, a subsidiary of General Motors, which included a number of product lines previously purchased by Hughes Electronics, including the former General Dynamics missile business, the defense portion of Delco Electronics, and Magnavox Electronic Systems.

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Raytheon Company divested itself of several nondefense businesses in the 1990s, including Amana Refrigeration, Raytheon Company Commercial Laundry, and Seismograph Service Ltd .

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In November 2007, Raytheon Company purchased Sarcos for an undisclosed sum, seeking to expand into robotics research and production.

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In September 2009, Raytheon Company entered into an agreement to acquire BBN Technologies.

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In October 2014, Raytheon Company beat rivals Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman for a contract to build 3DELRR, a next-generation long-range radar system, for the US Air Force worth an estimated $1 billion.

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In May 2015, Raytheon Company acquired cybersecurity firm Websense, Inc from Vista Equity Partners for $1.

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In February 2020, Raytheon Company completed the first radar antenna array for the US Army's new missile defense radar, known as the Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor, to replace the service's Patriot air and missile defense system sensor.

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Raytheon Company's shares traded at over $164 per share, and its market capitalization was valued at over US$51.

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In recent years, Raytheon Company has expanded into other fields while redefining some of its core business activities.

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Raytheon Company has identified five key 'Strategic Business Areas' where it is focusing its expertise and resources:.

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Raytheon Company provides electronics, mission systems integration and other capabilities in the areas of sensing; effects; and command, control, communications and intelligence systems; as well as a broad range of mission support services.

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Raytheon Company is a developer and manufacturer of radars, electro-optical sensors, and other advanced electronics systems for airborne, naval and ground based military applications.

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Raytheon Company is a developer of missiles and related missile defense systems.

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Raytheon Company produces and runs the ABACUS or Higher Formation Trainer for training HQs from small specialist units up to corps level.

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Raytheon Company Professional Services is a global leader in training services and learning outsourcing for over 75 years.

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Raytheon Company was given until the end of the month to independently test whether or not the groundwater that originated from its area was contaminated.

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In 1995, Raytheon Company acquired Dallas-based E-Systems, including a site in St Petersburg, Florida.

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In 2005, Raytheon Company adopted equal employment opportunity policies regarding transgender and transsexual employees.

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