15 Facts About Richard Appel


Richard James Appel was born on May 21,1963 and is an American writer, producer and former attorney.


Richard Appel was married to the writer Mona Simpson, noted author and sister of Steve Jobs.


Richard James Appel was born May 21,1963, in New York City and raised in Wilmette, Illinois, to Nina and Alfred Appel.


Richard Appel's mother was a lawyer and served as dean of Loyola University Chicago's law school from 1983 to 2004, where she continues to teach Tort Law today and his father was professor of English at Northwestern University and an expert on Vladimir Nabokov.


Appel lived in California while his parents taught at Stanford University before the family moved to Wilmette, Illinois, where Appel went to North Shore Country Day School.


Richard Appel then worked for two years as a law clerk for Judge John M Walker, Jr.


Subsequently, for three years from 1990, Richard Appel served as an assistant US attorney for the Southern District of New York.

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Richard Appel was good on his feet, articulate, with a sense of the law that was common-sensical, more intuitive than based on books.


Richard Appel was desperately trying to think of a story idea to show and decided that he had to really reach out and opted to do something about Homer's mother, who previously had only been mentioned once.


Richard Appel conceived it in 2001 and NBC ordered 13 episodes the following year; the show's original pilot used a single-camera setup but NBC executives felt it would have more appeal as a multiple-camera setup, so it was re-shot.


Richard Appel then wrote and worked as a co-executive producer on The Bernie Mac Show and Kitchen Confidential, and appeared as Josh in the 2004 film I Heart Huckabees.


Richard Appel wrote the Family Guy seventh season episode "Family Gay".


Richard Appel co-created, alongside Mike Henry and Seth MacFarlane, the Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show, which they began discussing in 2007 and which premiered September 27,2009.


Henry and Richard Appel conceived the show as "more of a family show, a sweeter show" than Family Guy.


Richard Appel worked on the listed shows and wrote all the listed episodes:.