14 Facts About Richard Blais

1. Richard Blais was born on February 12, 1972 and is an American chef, television personality, restaurateur and author.

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2. Richard Blais appeared on the reality show cooking show Top Chef, and is known for his take on classic American cuisine.

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3. Richard Blais was adopted by his stepfather in the second grade.

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4. In 1982 as a pitcher for his "Franks Pizza" Little League team, Richard Blais came in to pitch the final playoff game of the season with his team down by 2 runs.

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5. Richard Blais founded Trail Blais, a creative culinary company that has consulted on, designed and operated some of Atlanta's most popular eateries.

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6. In July 2011, Richard Blais signed a cookbook deal with Clarkson Potter, a division of Random House.

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7. On May 16, 2017, Richard Blais released his second cookbook, So Good: 100 Recipes from My Kitchen to Yours, which features 100 elevated traditional recipes designed for the home cook.

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8. Richard Blais was a recurring judge in seasons 12 and 13, and on Season 18, Top Chef: Portland.

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9. Richard Blais is a regular on the Food Network, with recurring appearances on Guy's Grocery Games as a judge, and as a competitor, and has hosted Food Network's Hungry Games, and Halloween Baking Championship.

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10. In 2015, Richard Blais was the host of HLN's "Cook Your Ass Off," a transformational culinary contest that focused on healthy cooking competition.

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11. In 2018, Richard Blais appeared as a guest judge on Sugar Rush.

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12. Richard Blais was most recently a judge on Gordon Ramsay's Next Level Chef.

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13. In November 2011, Richard Blais ran the ING New York City marathon for Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

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14. In November 2017, Richard Blais ran the TCS New York City Marathon for Room to Read.

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