16 Facts About Richard Fisk


Richard Fisk is a fictional character, a criminal appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Richard Fisk grew up as a child of privilege, believing that his father Wilson Fisk was a respectable and honorable businessman.

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When his parents received word that Richard Fisk had perished in a skiing accident, they suspected that it was really a suicide after Richard Fisk learned the truth of his father's identity.

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Richard Fisk explained that he had faked his death in the Alps and was striking back at his father using his own money.

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Richard Fisk joined the international terrorist group HYDRA, becoming a leader of the Nevada fragment of HYDRA and eventually rising to the rank of Supreme Hydra.

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Richard Fisk was critically wounded in the final battle, and the Kingpin had his son placed in suspended animation, finally curing him by siphoning some life force from Spider-Man.

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Several years later, Richard Fisk joined his father's organization, calling himself the Rose, a crime lord under the Kingpin's control.

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Richard Fisk then became Blood Rose, a Punisher-like vigilante, and began gunning down criminals in a bloody purge of the city.

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Years later, Wilson Fisk regained the mantle of the Kingpin, and Richard re-emerged to public life and rejoined the Kingpin's organization, vowing to never again attempt to overthrow his father.

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However, upon meeting his old childhood friend, the ambitious enforcer Silke, Richard Fisk thought that he at last had found the perfect way to make his father pay for his crimes.

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However, Richard Fisk did not count on the tenacity of his mother Vanessa.

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Richard Fisk cornered her, insisting that by getting rid of the Kingpin they could be free to have a new life, but Vanessa coldly shot her son dead, eliminating him as a threat once and for all.

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Richard Fisk has no superhuman powers, however he is trained in the use of guns and has some martial arts training.

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Richard Fisk is highly intelligent and has a number of criminal contacts.

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Richard Fisk always carries a handgun and often a variety of mini-grenades as well.

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Richard Fisk later reflects that he had always thought that he was trying to advance his criminal career for his son's sake, while in reality it was only for himself.

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